December 26, 2008

After the Fall -- What Now?

On December 26, 2006, I wrote a post entitled "'Creative' Financing -- The Slippery Slope in 2007."

On December 28, 2007, I wrote a post entitled "Non-Traditional Mortgage Products -- The Slippery Slope Became an Avalanche."

Now it is time for my third year end post. I read an insightful column in today's the Wall Street Journal about the global economic reversal. It is entitled, "The Economic News Isn't All Bleak" by Zachary Karabell. In the last paragraph of his column, Mr. Karabell observes:

"The rush to declare the future bleak has obscured the fact
that no one knows the outcome of an unprecedented event.
No one. The worst course in the face of uncertainty is blind
faith in conventional wisdom and past patterns. The best is
to stay humble in the face of the unknown, creative and
unideological about solutions, and open to the possibility
that as quickly as things turned sour they can reverse."

To the loyal readers of, watch out for wolves in sheeps' clothing and have a productive and healthy 2009!

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