March 22, 2009

LOAN MODIFICATION UPDATE -- Help for Owners Who Are Upside Down?

This Blog began on in late 2006 with the mortgage debacle on the horizon. A number of posts have been devoted to mortgage fraud, foreclosure consultants, home equity purchasers, loan modifications and the like. Recently, the Federal Government has launched new initiatives to promote loan modifications.

Today the Los Angeles Times ran an article on page 1 of the Business Section with a good but very general overview about mortgage modifications. The author advises borrowers to look for free help from federal programs or non-profit legal services. The article is entitled, "IS IT HOPE OR HYPE FOR HOMEOWNERS?"

The advice to look for free loan aid is worth considering. Many "opportunists" have entered the loan modification business as a way to make a quick buck from distressed homeowners. As we have discussed in other posts, it is very difficult to provide mortgage modification assistance for a fee in California under to State laws regulating "foreclosure consultants." In a future post, we will discuss how the laws governing foreclosure consultants will change effective July 1, 2009.

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